Counseling Services


Adult Counseling

We all encounter periods in our lives where we struggle to find answers, lack direction, feel disconnection and hopelessness. Unfortunately, we often spend too long traveling this path alone.Counseling provides the support, connection, and encouragement that can make the difference in finding the life fulfillment that we all desire. 

Lisa’s background in Mindfulness Based Therapy and traditional Talk Therapy encourages a holistic approach to emotional wellness. Lisa encourages her clients to focus on the present while managing past hurts in a way that leads to freedom from depression, anxiety, anger, and relationship discord. Lisa provides the support necessary to foster deep healing and greater life satisfaction.


Teen Counseling

Teens are faced with a myriad of challenges unlike any we've encountered before. Social Media, self harm promotion, and substance use are only some of the pressures teens face in our culture today. Learning how to withstand the pressures of society while growing a healthy self image and positive self concept is a main goal in Lisa's work with teens. Assisting these emerging adults in finding their purpose and passion as they move towards life after high school can bring enormous stress. Lisa works with each teen to develop the confidence and coping skills to help make this big life transition a positive experience. Lisa works with the parents of her teen clients to encourage healthy communication and a mutually respecting relationship for both parents and the teen client. 

Talk Therapy, Family Therapy, Expressive Arts, and Mindfulness Skills are the focus of counseling with this emerging population.  


Pre Teen Counseling

Children, like adults, experience stress, sadness, anger, anxiety, and confusion. Unlike adults, children are not as adept at expressing these emotions verbally. Lisa works with her younger population using creative outlets such as Art Therapy, Expressive Arts & Activity Therapy to develop emotional awareness and healthy communication skills for expressing these emotions. 

Lisa incorporates Mindfulness Based Therapy to aid children in learning how to positively cope with the stresses of school, peers, and family life.